tech tip ecoMeter : Migrating templates and instances of devices from 4.0 to 4.2

Document created by PierreC on Nov 27, 2014Last modified by Melissa Potvin on Jul 13, 2016
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     Hi folks,


A customer decided to migrate ecoMeter from release 4.0 to release 4.2.

To avoid losing time to re-create all templates and instances of devices it would be asier to just migrate them.
But if it is possible to export templates on 4.2, this is not possible on 4.0.

So, how to do?


This is how I proceeded :


On 4.0 system, gather all templates files in a compressed "ZIP" file.

Copy this file on the 4.2 system, where the template are located.

Keep the file on your laptop too.

Using the web interface of the 4.2 system, import the templates on the 4.2 system.

Do worry, you will not see them right now.

Then, uncompress teh "ZIP" file in the directory where you copied the file.

Logout of ecoMeter, then login back!


Now, you see them.


You can now export the devices instances from the 4.0 system and import them on the 4.2 system.


The status of every instance is not set.

So, chose any of the imported instances, edit it, do not change anything, just save it.

The status changes for a warning.

Select all instances and restart polling for these instances.

Status becomes "Ok".


It happens then that the values returned  have a wrong scale.

Edit every mapping of every sequence and modify it (for exemple from 0.01 to 1) and save it.

Then change it back to the original value.

Save, and the scale is now correct.


You can now synchronize VI with ecoMeter and get all monitored devices usable in VI.


Hope it helps.


Best regards, Pierre.