CCI issues from AS400 to NSM Manager - ccir/ccis fails in one direction

Document created by sirha02 Employee on Nov 17, 2015
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Usually if ccir/ccis fails in just one direction, the issue could be with the Name Resolution.


On the AS400 machine, run the DSPNETA command to get the System Name of the AS400 machine.


  1. From the Manager Machine, usually Windows, ping the AS400 machine using this name.
  2. From the AS400, ping the CCI SERVER (NSM Manager) by its name (On Linux/UNIX/Windows, to get the System Name run hostname command)


Please verify:


  1. Hosts files on both machines contain the respective IP addresses & hostnames
  2. Ping, nslookup using the short name, long name and IP address works both ways
  3. oprping from Windows to AS400 works successfully



On the AS400 box, please confirm CCIRMTD.rc file does NOT contain any REMOTE entry (use the below command) for the Manager Machine (if there is an entry please remove it):

wrklnk 'unicenter/cci'


If the above works absolutely fine, verify on the AS400 box the 'cautcpd' socket name ( services ) is set to 7001. Also, this socket must be defined in the CACFGCCI menu as well. The default value is 3061 and must be changed. If so, change the TCPIP Service port on the as/400 to 7001 then re-discover using:

Also check if there a firewall between these machines.


If the above does not resolve the issue, try restarting the services on the AS400 box and the Manager (Windows) using the below commands:


On AS400:

caunistop *all
caunistart *all


On Manager (Windows)

unicntrl stop all

ccicntrl stop

ccicntrl start

unicntrl start all


Good luck!!!