Tech Tip:  Baseline activation via Perl script

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Attached Perl script (or .exe version) makes it possible to activate the baseline function in bulk for selected QoS entries based on regex selections on:

- qos name

- origin

- probe

- robot

- source

- target

Note: the baseline commands are generated in c:\temp\report_nimsoft_set_baseline.txt, it's up to you to execute the generated standard baseline commands


Example1: generate baseline commands for all QoS names containing cpu_usage: (result file is: c:\temp\report_nimsoft_set_baseline.txt)

perl -k"y" -q"CPU_USAGE"

Example2: generate baseline commands for all QoS entries containing cpu or memory and coming from the probe cdm:

perl -k"y" -q"cpu|memory" -o"cdm"

Example3: generate baseline commands for all QoS created by the probes cdm, net_connect,url_response:

perl -k"y" -o"cdm|net_connect|url_response"


Version 0.5 has:

- perl was added

- compiled versions do now cleanup temp files

- added compiled versions (in case your Perl has not all needed packages)


Note: this is only an example Perl to create baseline definitions in bulk. It must be enhanced with:

- the generated command file has still the baseline_engine path hardcoded

- the generated commands use only the baseline_engine on the master hub

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