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  This sample app displays interface data in a table view:

  • for all interfaces (up to a query limit) in the given group context
  • retrieve standard interface item attributes and for one metric
    • average metric across the given time range with ranking (sort order descending)
    • average metric across the previous time range with ranking
  • metric name, metric column name, minimum value and query limit are passed as parameters, along with the context


Dashboard with two instances of app:

  Please note, the ranking is built in this app. Therefore the number of interfaces in the context group should be less than the query limit


  The app



  CA PM 2.8



  • Download the attached zip archive Unzip the download and make sure the unzipped folder is named tableView.
  • Copy the folder to the apps/user directory of your CA PC installation. This is normally:
  • There is no need to start or restart PC.



  • In CA PC, create or edit a dashboard. Use layout 1 or 2 (50/50).
  • Add a Browser View to the page. Configure the browser view with:
    • Title: Top N Interface Utilization with Rank (or anything else appropriate)
    • URL (for example): /pc/apps/user/tableView/IfTopNwithRank.html?id={ItemIdDA}&startTime={TimeStartUTC}&endTime={TimeEndUTC}&limit=1000&metric=im_Utilization&metricCol=Utilization&metricMin=0
      which consists of
      id={ItemIdDA}                                   dashboard context (group ID)
      startTime={TimeStartUTC}               dashboard context (start time)
      endTime={TimeEndUTC}                  dashboard context (end time)
      limit=1000                                          query limit: the number of rows retrieved to build the ranking
      metric=im_Utilization                         metric value, basis for average calculation. Must be a valid attribute name in OpenAPI for portmf (interface metric family)
                                                                 see InterfaceMFattributes.txt for a list of names
      metricCol=Utilization                          column title
      metricMin=0                                        minimum value for the metric data
    • Height: 400 (minimun)
  • Save your work
  • The dashboard will display. You may want to select an appropriate context group
  • Additional views can be created to display other interface metrics. Copy the existing as a template.



The ZIP archive also contains DeviceItemCount app. This sample app displays top N devices polled item count for devices in the given group context.

The app also uses DataTable but with direct OpenAPI query. Please review the comments in DeviceItemCount.html


Update 1:

There is an enhanced version that also includes device HostName and PrimaryIPAddress. It also uses a feature to hide/display columns - the Toggle column names are clickable.

In addition to the steps described above, unpack and copy IfTopNwithRankD.html to the tableView directory on CA PC and use that instead of IfTopNwithRank.


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