Learn with Rego | Project Dependencies; Full hierarchy not displaying when we browse from the OBS ; Power filter to show NULL values ; Find a transaction that was reversed in error, and reverse it ; System rules around the 'copy from previous timesheet

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Dear Community Members,


In this week's Learn PPM with Rego, we'll explore five CA PPM questions and answers.


1. What do Project Dependencies do?

2. Why isn't our full hierarchy displaying when we browse from the OBS on a resource or project record?

3. Is there a way to build a power filter to show NULL values?

4. How can we find a transaction that was reversed in error, and reverse it?

5. What are the system rules around the 'copy from previous timesheet' function?


Please feel free to comment on any alternative answers you've found.


We love your input (always).



1. What do Project Dependencies do? 


1. Before the rewrite of Portfolio Mgmt in v13, you could use project dependencies in scenarios to select investments based on dependencies. For example, if your scenario selects project A, but it is dependent on project B, the project B must also be selected. But with the rewrite, the logic was removed, and it cannot easily (short of a custom portlet or report) be put back in.  So now project dependencies serve no useful purpose, except that you can include this logic in portlets and reports.


2. You can use the link for "reporting" purposes, but it doesn't impact the schedule.


3. Several Rego folks have been involved in a custom-built Project Dependency Portlet (thank you, Sara G. and Patrick F.!) Contact us to find out more.



2. We are experiencing an issue where when you browse from the OBS on a resource or project record the full hierarchy will not display. However, if you use FILTERS for OBS, or bring OBS in the list view you can see the full tree. Any Ideas?


While all the lowest levels had locations, in this situation, the Parent Level DEPTS didn’t have a Location, which apparently stopped this particular browse.



3. Is there a way to build a power filter to show NULL values? I did some googling and wasn’t able to find anything… I think this is an existing idea out there on the community boards but it has not been “solved” yet..

As you suspected, there is currently no functionality that allows the configuration of the power filter to search for NULL or NOT NULL values.

There is, however, an enhancement request for this functionality, and it’s proposed for a future release. What release… is currently unknown…


In the meantime, Excel will come in handy for this exercise.


4. We reversed a transaction by mistake. How do we get this back?  We can't even find the transaction anymore, since it's untied from the investment. 

When a transaction is reversed, the transaction is still in ppa_wip table but with STATUS=4. Update the status to 0 and the transaction should appear again in the UI.

NOTE: Please check with CA Support before performing any database update.




5. What are the system rules around the "Copy from previous timesheet" function?

Background – We're looking for a simplified solution we can use in the long term to manage one project with a reduced task list (for BAU/Support work). However, in the short term (next 2-3 months), we want to amend our current (large) task list and work towards a 'cleaner' way forward as we reduce tasks in each week's timesheets.

Current Scenario: BAU/Support projects.
• 13 support projects each containing 27 tasks
• Same team are working on all support work, where each week may be on a different support project and/or different tasks.
• Assigning all resources to all tasks results in 351 task in timesheet - not good



Try using Auto-populate = Off.


All tasks a resource is assigned to with an ETC >0, and whose duration spans into the time window defined by the Populate Time Range values, will appear in the time sheet when you populate it.
Using Auto-populate = Copy Time Entries from previous timesheet, except it will keep tasks whose ETC has gone to zero (assuming you tracked time to them last week). When you stop tracking time to them, they will disappear.
The biggest issue is probably the ETCs. If you set ETC to 0, that should remove most tasks from the timesheets.


As you know, using "copy from previous timesheet" applies all the logic to auto-populate and ALSO brings in tasks from the previous timesheet, even if they don't meet the criteria for auto-population. This can get hairy fast.



*A special thanks to the Rego Team for this great material.