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I mean, let's just get to the point. We want you to find what you need in the community so that you don't need to log a support ticket.  However, we recognize that sometimes you will still need to do that and/or you may prefer to speak to an actual human being.  To each his own.  CA offers it's customers a modern omni-channel environment where YOU get to choose how to engage with us whether it's thru community, chat or phone.  As far as self service is concerned, the goal is to get you to search on-line and fix it (SOFI).  As your Community Manager, I work with many of our internal teams (support, engineering, product management, marketing, services)  to make sure that the content that exists on this community is fresh, organized, relevant, interesting and useful because we want you to find what you need quickly and with ease.  We are always open to suggestions on how to improve this community.  Do you have an idea?  Just drop me a note at:


The content in this community is organized by content type.  Here is a quick summary of what you can expect::


  • Discussion Threads
    This is where people talk about whatever it is they want to talk about.  Don't get upset if conversations get heated.  People have opinions so enter at your own risk ..  but if you see something you like, something that actually helped you, please mark that content as "helpful".  Please always keep it professional. 


  • Questions (Answered and Unanswered)
    It is here where you can view questions already answered (green question mark) or maybe you can help answer somebody else's question (open questions, blue question mark). Don't be just a lurker, get involved and pay-it-forward (that would be mighty nice of you... hint hint).  Oh and very important... when your questions are answered to your satisfaction please let us know by marking the answer as 'correct' --> How to Mark Answers as Correct


  • Ideas: 
    Do you have an idea for a feature or function you would like to see included in the product roadmap?   With Ideation, you have an opportunity to share your ideas with us.  You can create an idea or vote on an idea that somebody else has created. Now don't get upset if you are waiting a little bit for a response to your idea.  The ideation review process does take time, all ideas ARE reviewed by product management yet the volume of inbound ideas is high for this product.  Hey, don't shoot the messenger!  I'm just trying to set your expectations!  Learn more about Ideation:

Summary of CA Ideation Process 

Right Type of Content: Ideas 

Create and Submit an Idea within CA Communities 

Community Hack: View Idea Vote History 


  • Videos
    Videos are fun and enjoyable and we know you love them.  Trust me, I can be a very good nag and I hound the support, education, engineering and marketing teams to produce more and more of them.   You can find videos in the community but also on our YouTube Channel.  (yikes, did i really re-direct you outside the community?  yup.. sigh).  Go check them out and tell us what you think.

  • Tech Tips 
    Tech Tips are typically authored by support engineers and address common problems or situations that they encounter on the day to day.   Community members are welcome to author tech tips!  Just be sure to follow our format for the sake of consistency (and because I'm seriously Type A), We title them as follows "Tech Tip: How to Write a Tech Tip" and then TAG them with 2 tags:  "tech tips" and "tips".  PS.  I will modify your title if you do it wrong.