How to copy monitoring templates across adminconsole -only probes

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New adminconsole -only probes, like vmware and xendesktop, have one design “issue”, there is no official way to copy those monitoring templates you create in one probe to another. This becomes a bit serious if you are a MSP and need to setup dozen(s) of vmware or xendesktop probes, as far as I know and what support has told us, the official way has been just to manually go through all those probes and set up all the settings one by one. And adding the pain, only way to see (report) what are the settings is to click manually through the whole configuration tree.


The reason for this missing feature is that in these new java based probes those settings are not anymore in probe’s cfg file but are in one or multiple JSON formatted files zipped with gzip. We can’t get those files with IM probe config get as we are used to with good old config files. Also the location/content has been a bit undocumented.


We found out that it is actually possible to copy those templates from one probe to another, and even CA support + probe team have verified that this is and will be supported way to do it. Here is how to do it:

  • Create a monitoring template in one probe using admin console
  • Get the hexacode-named (something like 5f676997-555c-447c-9789-96d8785a0a20.gzip) gzip file manually from that host from the directory $Nimsoft\probes\application\PROBE\bulk_config\raw_templates

and save it somewhere else

  • rename that gzip file as you want, like “Company_vmware_defaults”
  • (Optional)
    • Edit that file, requires zip manager that supports gzip to open and save it
    • The actual configuration file inside the gzip is JSON formatted, so pretty readable
  • create a probe package in Infrastructure Manager,
    • add that gzip file to Files tab, add also correct path (same as above) where it should be installed
    • in Dependencies tab add your probe

  • Save the probe package


Now you can distribute that package to other probe instances.


Hopefully in next episode I have more information about some configurations in that JSON file.

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