CA SPECTRUM AP Office Hours Transcript - November 10th, 2016,  2:30PM - 3:30PM (AEDT) Sydney Time

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Tarun Pamu to Everyone: Hello Everyone Welcome to Spectrum APJ Office hours
Tarun Pamu to Everyone: Hello Alex
alex to Everyone: hi
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone: @Alex, welcome. Do you have any questions about Spectrum?
alex to Everyone: when is everything switching to Jasper?
alex to Everyone: from CABI
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  @Alex, With Spectrum 10.2 we will have 40 OOTB reports
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  10.2 which is released in Dec (targeted) will have more canned Jasper reports available
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  You can install and BOXI and Jasper side by side for your testing
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  We have Availability, Event, Alarms reports etc --- yes, out of the box
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  With Spectrum 10,2 release we will also support Jasper on Linux
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  We expect more customers will start moving to Jaspersoft starting from 10.2
alex to Everyone:  do you know what else will be new with 10.2?
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Alex, see the slide
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  that is presented now
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  we have a short video in the community page
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  @Alex, anything specific you were looking for? or interested in?
alex to Everyone:  just interested to know what will be new so that i can start to have conversations with our customers 
alex to Everyone:  or even plan
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Hello Rajesh
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Good Morning
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  that is the video link posted in Communities page about What's New in 10.2
alex to Everyone:  thaks 
Tarun Pamu to Everyone:  Hello Rajesh
alex to Everyone:  *thanks
Rajesh to Everyone:  Good Afternoon/Morning
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Rajesh, welcome. Do you have any questions about Spectrum? Feel free during this office hours
Rajesh to Everyone:  Can I use the Jasper Report manager which I have installed for UIM for Spectrum?
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Rajesh, it should work but we need to make sure compatibility (version supported by Spectrum)
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  @Rajesh, we have not tested this internally
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Rajesh, @Alex, any issues or complex/difficult requirements about Spectrum in the field?
alex to Everyone:  not at the moment 
Rajesh to Everyone:  Ok. Let me try today,
Rajesh to Everyone:  i have UIM jasper instance, and will try to integrate to Spectrum as well. We are doing POC for one of our customer, wanted to reduce resource,
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  @Alex, @Rajesh, according to all analytics EMEA and APJ region will be fast adopters of SDN, NFV. Anything you hear from customers?
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  We are coming up with support for Cisco ACI with Open Stack
Rajesh to Everyone:  I would like to know the Service Desk integration out-of-the-box to remedy is customizable? like what fields need to be updated
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Rajesh, this will be in 10.2
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  @Rajesh, what customization are we talking about here?
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  We don't have at this moment
Rajesh to Everyone:  I have a critical alarm in Spectrum, but would like to open a ticket in remedy as Major for some set of devices and critical for some set of devices, this can be achieved?
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone: you are Beta Participant can you test this out?
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  This is available with Beta
Rajesh to Everyone:  currently we have customized for one of our customer, these features, 
Rajesh to Everyone:  but I do not have remedy instance to test this, and the customer has only production instance,
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  @Rajesh.. can you drop me and email
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  I will confirm from engineering
Rajesh to Everyone:  @Nagesh, will do that.
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Thanks Rajesh
alex to Everyone:  gentlemen unfortunately this is late for me 
alex to Everyone: i might have to leave you here 
Tarun Pamu to Everyone:  @Alex No problem. Thanks for joining the session Alex
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone: @Rajesh....any update on the progress so far with Beta testing?
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone: Did you get a chance to install and test it?
Rajesh to Everyone:  @Nagesh, I will be working with the new refresh you have posted in couple of days, was away last week.
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone Sure
Rajesh to Everyone:  @Nagesh, is there road map for f5 Big IP device certification. currently i see in 10.1.2 it is still discovered as GenSNMP device
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  @Rajesh.....I don't think we worked on this certification
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  You have the SysOID?
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  We can quickly confirm
Rajesh to Everyone:  OID of the device is
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Ok
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Checking
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Rajesh, what kind of certification you require? Can't do self-certification?
Rajesh to Everyone:  its a loadbalancer. customer wants to monitor the LB perspective
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  @Rajesh.....this is not certified yet
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Good News is we will be soon announcing our regular cadence of Certification Pack
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  So customers need not wait till release to happen
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  And the Cert Pack can be applied to supported GA releases
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Stay tuned for the announcement
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Nagesh, how long is the interval?
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Not decided yet
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Based on content
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  But once in a quarter is what initial plan is
Rajesh to Everyone:  @Nagesh, can we request for this device certification.
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  @Rajesh....Sure. Can you open up a ticket with MIBS and device simulation
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  We will prioritize it

Rajesh to Everyone:  @currently I am working on POC, with a potential customer 
Rajesh to Everyone: Sure, i will. but support does not accept device certification from the support ticket they ask us to open an Idea
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Rajesh, we still can open a call ticket with Support for device cert
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  but recommendation is in Idea Wall so other customers can also vote the Idea
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  so we can promote the request
Tarun Pamu to Everyone:  Hello Sandeep Welcome to Spectrum AP Office hours....Please feel to ask your questions
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Sandeep, do you have any questions about Spectrum? Feel free to voice it here in Office Hours
Rajesh to Everyone:  @widjaja, that is true, i have so many ideas at the idea wall for device certification till now no device is been certified.
Sandeep Mazwar to Everyone:  Hi All.. Just wanted to know about the Jasper Soft integration. From CABI to Jasper soft how we can migrate the old Data ?
Sandeep Mazwar to Everyone:  May be my question is not relevant for this call.
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  @Sandeep, the data stays with Spectrum
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  So all you need is integrate Jasper with Spectrum and start using it
Sandeep Mazwar to Everyone:  Thanks Nagesh.
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Sandeep, in other words we don't need to migrate the reporting data
Sandeep Mazwar to Everyone:  My other query was - Do we have any plan to have "logout" option for the SPECTRUM webpage ?
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Sandeep, we just move to different reporting engine
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone: Oneclick or Web Client?
Sandeep Mazwar to Everyone:  web client
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Web Client it is already there 
Sheenam Gupta to Everyone:  @Sandeep: We already have the logout option
Sandeep Mazwar to Everyone:  Sorry, I mean to say.. when we login to CA Spectrum webpage with a specific user ID, we dont have any option to logout that user
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Oh ok
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  No we dont have that yet
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  We will priortize it for future releases
Sandeep Mazwar to Everyone:  I was told that on newer version of CA Spectrum, we might have that functionality
Widjaja Sangtoki to Everyone:  @Rajesh, one of us will call you separately for the certification call ticket
Sandeep Mazwar to Everyone:  Allright, Thanks Nagesh !
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  The functionality is with New Web Client
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  So you can have your operators direct link to Web Client
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  Instead of going through the Spectrum Web page
Sandeep Mazwar to Everyone:  ah okay..
Tarun Pamu to Everyone:  @Sandeep here is the video link on whats new in Spectrum 10.2
Tarun Pamu to Everyone:
Nagesh Jaiswal to Everyone:  With 10,2 we will also have Network Topology
Sandeep Mazwar to Everyone: Thanks Tarun, I will have a look .
Sandeep Mazwar to Everyone:  Thanks everyone , no other query from my side.
 Rajesh to Everyone:  Thanks, everyone
Tarun Pamu to Everyone:  Thanks Sandeep and Rajesh for joing the session ...The transcript will be posted on the communities 
Tarun Pamu to Everyone:  That's all for now....Thanks you all for attending..
Tarun Pamu to Everyone:  Stay tuned for the next Office Hours Session