Top 20 APM/ASM/AXA Knowledge Docs for November 2016

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1. CA APM Technical Advisory: APM/Introscope 9.1.x Agent Transaction Structure Memory Leak TEC588643


2. Hardening a TIM/MTP server could lead to unpredictable behavior. TEC1292346


3. Java agent causing error: Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to TEC1210346


4. An ADA/MTP/APM TIM Release Compatibility List. TEC1241257


5. Recommendations about how to adjust the correlationid.maxlimit and sequenceid.maxlimit agent properties to prevent a CorID continuous growth TEC1275243


6. Why do I see "Unknown SQL" appearing in the Investigator? TEC616386


7. LDAP integration for authentication fails with error code 49, data 52e TEC1135548


8. JMS Webservices invocations messages placed on JMS queues (TIBCO EMS queues) are big and it takes a lot more time than the expected to be processed. TEC595968


9. How to disable SOAP and HTTP header injection using JAVA and .NET Agent. TEC603767


10. Agent throwing encoded errors many times making Agent disconect TEC1617473


11. After enabling SSL tracing, the Tim log is filled with Unsupported Ciphersuite warnings. Should I be concerned? TEC596473


12. When do we have to use the flag XX:-UseSplitVerifier ? Why is this needed TEC600823


13. .NET perfmon, high CPU utilization, and the perfmoncollectoragent TEC604893


14. Could not initialize class sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment error during APM 9.5 install TEC601075


15. TIM Log contains critical information such as passwords and SSNs which are defined as Private Parameters and are masked in the request body TEC603778


16. How to take a thread dump in the Enterprise manager when it is running as a Windows service TEC606478


17. A Guide to Solving Common Stats and Defects Aggregation Problems TEC610521


18. Does CA provide a copy of Badboy, or a Badboy license to use with Cloud Monitor? TEC617377


19. "Baseline prediction not available for" messages filling up MOM log quickly. TEC1043694


20. Changing the TIM server hostname and IP Address. TEC1060606