Transferring files for CA Support Online Cases

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Once a case has been opened in CA Support Online, files can be transferred using 3 methods:


Method #1: Email *

Emailing a file to a case is supported under the following conditions:

  • The file must be less than 2 MB*
  • Case number must be in the "Subject" line of email otherwise it will not be routed

Important: Email attachments are not secure during transfer. If you need to secure your email attachment, please

encrypt the file before attaching it and ensure you provide the decryption key information to the CA support engineer

verbally or in a separate email.


Your email is stored on a secure CA Technologies server. Emails that you have been sent to CA Support can be viewed

by selecting the Attachments tab when viewing your case on CA Support Online.


Method #2: Using the CA Support Online Secure File Transfer Web Client

Once logged into CA Support Online, you can access the Web client from the File Attachments tab of the CA Support

Online Case Details page by clicking on the "Manage Case File Attachments" link.

The Web Client:

  • Uses HTTP using SSL (HTTPS) as a transfer protocol
  • Employs a drag-and-drop interface and has no file size limitations other than those that might be imposed by your browser.
  • Can be used to transfer files to CA Support or obtain files from CA Support under secure transfer conditions.


Method #3: SFTPing or FTPing files for cases

Submitting files using the SFTP or FTP features will require the following:


Regardless of method you have used to provide your files the following activity will occur

  • You will receive notification that file has been received and logged by CA Support
  • An update is made to the case record
  • The CA support engineer is notified regarding the update.


For more information about using SFTP and FTP, see the CA Support Online Secure File Transfer and Secure File Storage

(SFTS) help page or refer to the "File Attachments" tab on the CA Support Online Case Details page.




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