New APM/ASM/AXA Knowledge Docs for December 2016

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1. MQ queue depth is not updated TEC1871423

2. Error installing Postgres on Solaris TEC1118667

3. Using Java Agent, WARN message(Failed to obtain host name in 200 ms.) appeared. TEC1875561

4. Getting "-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('" when I run a CLWWorkstation command. TEC1640056

5. CA APM SmartStor Pruning fails with Out Of Memory TEC1469842

6. Introscope Enterprise Manager does not start. TEC1679792

7. Installing Introscope Enterprise Manager - MOMs(HA) on IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly name IBM GPFS) TEC1440604

8. When updating the LAR date to fix a stats aggregation problem to maximise the data recovery how can the oldest base table partition date be found TEC1892493

9. Non HTTP response code: java.lang.NullPointerException running Script monitor TEC1337624

10. A crashing/freezing MTP TIM/TIM displays glibc messages in MTP/TIM and TIM stdout logs. TEC1843016

11. What do all the APM postgres install/upgrade error codes mean? TEC1524371

12. Where can I download CA ASM Recorder? TEC1362748

13. How Can I calculate the Load Average on my OPMS instance? TEC1784957

14. Does EM need to be restarted when APM DB was restarted? TEC1184634

15. How do FTP and SFTP monitors work in ASM? TEC1387164

16. What is measuring the filters available in "Reports --> Graphs" in ASM? TEC1788483

17. APM Connector throwing token error TEC1123279

18. Should I remove the extra lines in a private key before importing to TIM? TEC1430035

19. How Does CEM calculate response time from a switch/TCP packet perspective? TEC1240649

20. Traces are not correlated TEC1984326

21. Monitoring mainframe applications with CA APM TEC1830975

22. How is the connection between the Agent and the Enterprise Manager established? TEC1902143

23. How to See Browser Agent Legacy Metric Names. TEC1868551

24. not working on RedHat 7.2 TEC1403996

25. JMeter Proxy Server is missing from JMeter. TEC1369884

26. Can Introscope reports be scheduled ? TEC1589412

27. Insufficient Free Space to backup APM while upgraded to 10.5 Enterprise Manager from earlier versions TEC1948027

28. Websphere Java Agent Name Auto Naming error TEC1899755

29. On a pbd file, avoid tracing the same method more than once TEC1099033

30. Entrypoints are still reported in the investigator even though the feature is disabled TEC1984947

31. APM Team Center 10.5.x Experience View - "That's a lot of data" TEC1599833

1. What do the fields in Perflog.txt mean? TEC1230732

2. How to purge or reduce the size of a Postgresql APM database and optimize CEM data retention TEC597519

3. An ADA/MTP/APM TIM Release Compatibility List. TEC1241257

4. Which versions of APM 10 are compatible with MTP 10.3? TEC1643212

5. Which versions of APM 10 are compatible with MTP 10.4? TEC1185456

6. Which versions of APM 10 are compatible with MTP 10.5? TEC1546373

7. Which versions of APM 10 are compatible with MTP 10.6? TEC1292722--

8. What is the Latest Version of Jmeter used by App Synthetic Monitor? TEC1078285

9. A Guide to Solving Common Stats and Defects Aggregation Problems

1. Historical Metrics not available after changed domain name. TEC1153959