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Document created by Kraig_Johnson Employee on Jan 5, 2017
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Hello Everyone,

Since you are very busy people, I thought I would share with you a list of technical documents to help provide you with needed information or solutions. These are mostly from the last quarter of calendar year 2016. If you find them useful or they are in need of an update, please add a comment to the document once you visit it through the link. Thank you for your time.


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TEC1357394Can I apply CA OPS/MVS z/OS and CICS compatibility maintenance before the operating system and CICS are upgraded?10/11/2016
TEC1259733Getting an OPS3092H ALLOCATION OF EXTERNAL DATA QUEUE FAILED message after upgrading to CA OPS/MVS 12.310/11/2016
TEC1894518Is there an efficient way to take action if a message spits out a certain number of times, in a set period of time, in CA OPS/MVS?11/7/2016
TEC1893595Will CA OPS/MVS issue Hyper Notifications when there are changes to JES2control blocks due to a new IBM z/OS release that affects the OPJ2CB module?11/7/2016
TEC1692016CA OPS/MVS fails to start using OPSVIEW option 4.6. I receive an OPS460S message.11/8/2016
TEC1421851When using the OPSJESX function in a Request rule, getting a OPS return code of 1(OPSRC = 0) in CA OPS/MVS 12.3.11/8/2016
TEC1448802Why the CA OPS/MVS load library must be in a STEPLIB or in the LINKLIST.11/8/2016
TEC1302652Questions regarding IBM's Large Volume Support and CA OPS/MVS software compatibility.11/16/2016
TEC1110579CA OPSMVS - Client receives repetitive OPS3541H errors and MSF connection(s) drop.12/1/2016
TEC1532891CA OPS/MVS SSM is not taking actions on resources when events occur.12/1/2016
TEC1340515Understanding what is needed for SSM to run in CA OPS/MVS 12.3 specifically with the SSMVERSION parm setting12/21/2016
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