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Dear Community Members,


We have two quick things to share before jumping into our Q&A for the week.


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Now for the weekly Q&A!


Q&A Summary


1. Find the Mail Host File for Jaspersoft.


2. Crystal Report's ShowPH Grouping.


3. Link the Latest Status Report to the Project List Page.


4. Project Close Process: Zero-ing ETC.


Please feel free to comment on any alternative answers you've found.


We love your input (always).




Which file contains the mail host for Jaspersoft on the JS server?



Check out the file in the <tomcat>/webapps/reportservice/WEB-INF folder.


Edit the following settings. (Mine are in Linux, so I am using localhost as the smtp server.)







I’m sure it’s just my limited understanding of Crystal, but can someone tell me how the ShowPH formula is grouping?




The @ShowPH group is an empty group, essentially used to force Crystal to show the header in question on each page, despite not having any real content with which to group.




Is there a way to link an icon from the project list page to the latest Status Report for the project?

1. Create a URL type attribute and have it updated with a link to the latest status report, when the status report is published. Re-use the status report publish process from regoXchange.
2. Use the URL redirect HTML portlet and page to create a link and use the above attribute in the link.
3. Add the status report image in the project list and use the link above.


Note: If you use the regoXchange process for publishing status reports, then it should store the ID of the current status report on the project object. Using this, you can easily create a link on the Linking tab of the Project Object by taking the following steps: 


1. Navigate to Objects > Project Object
2. Click on the Linking tab
3. Click the New button
4. Create a link to the Status Report Properties Action, using the ID for the current status report




Once completed, you can create an image on the project list view and use that link. This uses OOTB functionality and doesn’t require a URL redirect portlet that would be harder to maintain.




I'm following the regoXchange project close process, and one of the steps doesn't zero the ETC’s. Why?

This is about your Effort Task. If there is allocation, assignment hours cannot be zero’ed.

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A special thanks to Jennifer Scarlato, Ramesh Rathnam, Chris Shaffer, Ben Rimmasch, Vikram Baddela, Mike R, Darren Greer, James Gille, Sankhadeep Dhar, Atul Kunkulol, and the Rego Team for this Q/A material. 



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