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XPSDDInstall SmMaster.xdd

[XPSDDInstall - XPS Version 12.52.0105.2113]

Log output: /opt/ca/siteminder/log/XPSDDInstall.log

Initializing database, please wait...

(ERROR) : [sm-xpsxps-07256] getpwuid failed with error code 0.

(WARN) : [sm-xpsxps-01040] No policy data found

(ERROR) : [sm-xpsxps-07050] Context user is unknown.

(FATAL) : [sm-xpsxps-04390] Unable to establish administration context.






Strace output shows the library: /usr/lib/ attempting to be loaded, however the file doesn’t exist (see screen shot below).

The client uses a third-party provisioning tool to manage Unix accounts.  The accounts reside in their AD server.  When you examine /etc/passwd
or /etc/group, there will be no trace of the SiteMinder service account (smuser:smgroup). 






Either of the following will solve the problem:


  1. Create local accounts on the Unix server (Not PAM or other off-box accounts)
  2. Install required packages to support off-box accounts:
    Note: The libraries shown below match the PAM tool encountered, which this company uses.  The required library may vary for other situations.

    1. sssd-client.x86_64 (64-bit)
    2. sssd-client.i686 (32-bit)