New APM/ASM/AXA KDs for January 2017

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1. After hitting thread dump file limit in EM ("The Thread dumps storage exceeded the storage limits of 5000 files."), manual deletion of the files does not clear the problem TEC1362211


2. MOM fails to restart and the log shows that after the SmartStor Subsystem starts up the only message is "The EM failed to start. 2244" TEC1493026


3. What is the definition of Resolve Time for HTTP, HTTPs, and other Basic Monitors? TEC1141146


4.Can the Introscope Web Service API for alerts (Alerts Polling Web Service) be used to list summary alerts? TEC1697617


5. Since upgrading to APM 10.x there is a large file named baselines.db in the smartstor data directory that has not changed timestamp. Is baselines.db still being used? TEC1406873


6. When trying to implement SSL in MQMonitor Agent using TLS 1.2 cipherspec TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256 it fails with log messages "Reason Code: 2397 MQRC_JSSE_ERROR" and "Incorrect cipherSpec" TEC1021371


7.Historical metrics not available after changed domain name. TEC1132327


8. Does APM support SHA-256 private keys? TEC1910867


9. Configuring & Troubleshooting the IIB10 Field Pack.TEC1949416


10. MTP tim directory is corrupted/missing causing broken MTP UI; cannot load System Setup/Install Software which shows "Status: 200" and "Error assigning webrequestid. [Errno 2] No such file or directory" TEC1450727


11. Error when importing business transaction TEC1925149


12. Export of data from the Workstation is impacted by "Data limited to 100 matching metrics" in the data viewer. TEC1119856


13.  The Agent “Build and Release” metric is not being displayed in the investigator TEC1612673


14. Detected appliance. Software version cannot be installed when running TIM installer TEC1752617


15. Missing CPU metrics TEC1580814


16.Error "Exception in thread "Main Thread" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/wily/field/dpmon/DataPowerMonitor : unsupported classversion 51.0" TEC1780348


17. Can the APM .NET Agent monitor Microsoft Dynamics AX applications? TEC1643902


18. After upgrading to APM 10.5 we cannot use 8443 port as EM Secure Port as connecting to the EM server home page gives an http 500 server error TEC1036757


19. Potential issue with JVM 1.8 update 20 or above triggering HTTP/HTTPS disconnection between agent and collector. TEC1917696


20. Monitoring the IBM DataPower Appliance with the APM DataPower Extension TEC1282347


21. Is Command Line Workstation (CLW) still supported with the latest release of APM? TEC1158034


22. How to get a copy of AXA OPMS Installer. TEC1034451


23. How to have APM monitor ElasticSearch? TEC1662149


24. Seeing uncaught exception on MOM in the threadpool. TEC1241863


25.Explaining and Addressing an Agent Reaching Transaction Trace Component Limit TEC1610304


26. Not seeing expected CEM transactions in Investigator: TIM is failing to decrypt TLS 1.2 traffic with message “Block size greater than Plaintext!" in the timlog.txt TEC1926892


27. APM integration to SOI is not working and APM Connector log shows error "APM Connector Initialize failed: (500)Internal Server Error." TEC1504623


28. Using the Power Pack for Webservers with IIS 7.5 and APM 10.x. (Exposing WMI Classes) TEC1232048


29. .NET Agent producing large number of Transaction Traces. TEC1951033


30. CA APM CloudMonitor Agent does not show monitors in Introscope Investigator TEC1720745


31. A Team Center Universe with defined attribute filter e.g. Hostname, and filtered out values does not show those excluded values at next edit. TEC1597078


32. Introscope user wants to restrict users to specific application servers. TEC1062452


33. How do I set up JBoss 7 AS in Domain Mode with Introscope Agent and see JMX metrics? TEC1006916


34. App Synthetic Monitor (ASM) - Cannot add new user to contacts list. Also, the New Contact button is missing. TEC1997726


35. How can I determine the IP Addresses of Monitoring Stations TEC1887581


36. Is there a way to change the standard abbreviation of time zones for reports? TEC1156978


37. CEM with EEM - User logs in, clicks the Administration tab and is then presented with a blank page. TEC1311875


38. How do I set up JBoss 6 EAP with the Introscope Agent and see JMX metrics TEC1295628


39. Can screenshots be recorded in JMeter scripts? TEC1793998


40. What does the following message mean? "Waited 120000 ms But did not receive the response for the message

com.wily.isengard.messageprimitives.service.CompressedMessageServiceCallMessage" TEC1396915


41. Seeing data older than retention policy period settings in APM CE (CEM) Domain tab. TEC1780355


42. Seeing "Target Machine Actively Refused Connection" Error Message in APM Database Postgres Logs. TEC1016839


43. After upgrade from 10.3 to 10.5 the MOM log is full of WARNing messages "Metric key id 0xnnnnnnnn illegally used by two metrics ...." which are repeated every 15 seconds TEC1455096


44. Removing CA APM from the EEM Setup. TEC1395212


45. When will my APM version no longer be supported? TEC1818195


46. Cannot Select HTTP Response Plugin from APM CE (CEM) Definition Pulldown Menu TEC1031339


47. How to recover a corrupted MTP Vertica database. TEC1699939


48. Not Seeing Any New APM CE (CEM) Defects or Reports TEC1258511


49. Datapower Monitor Fieldpack is not reporting metrics correctly. TEC1100402


50. Agent error in JBoss log file. TEC1920064


51. Seeing duplicate Dot Net Agent names in the Investigator TEC1885728


52. Under the CEM UI Setup-> Monitors, what can cause a "Connection Failure" or "Communication Error 403" for the "Domain Configuration Status" or the "Monitor Configuration Status" for one or more TIMs? TEC1106907


53. What are the values for Collectors Connected (Collectors Connection Status)? TEC1345764


54. Guidelines on Transaction Trace Threshold as a percent of Slow Time Defect Specifications TEC1596954


55. The APM Postgres database cemdb is filling up with thousands of empty ts_st_ts_all_dly_ table partitions being created. TEC1705309


56. How to eliminate duplicate APM CE transaction definitions.TEC1553836


57. Why am I being requested to provide a SSLDump/packet capture (PCAP) for the TIMSoft/MTP? TEC1995249


58.My setting is not being picked up and stays set to the default setting of 8081 TEC1791947


59. Enterprise Manager cannot authenticate with the Postgres database TEC1659583


60. When using the silent install process to upgrade just the Oracle APM Database what properties need to be set in the response file.