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Snmpcollector probe reporting 0% availability for a device that is available.
A device that is known to be active and available is reporting with 0% availability in USM.


HUB Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting Guide
Attached is a detailed Technical Document on the UIM hub.


snmptd: unknown security model: 3
Receive the following error when sending a v3 trap to the snmptd probe: snmptd: unknown security model: 3


How can I monitor a read-only filesystem on a Linux machine?
Instructions on how to monitor a read-only file system on a Linux machine.


Best Practices for cloning systems with Nimsoft (UIM) Robot already installed
Some users may desire to create a "master image" for new servers or workstations with the Nimsoft Robot already installed prior to deployment. This article describes the best practices for a successful deployment in this scenario.


CDM Probe crashes on ca 10% of Windows Monitored Servers after some minutes
the cdm probe crashes after some minutes. It starts running again after the whole robot is restarted but crashes after 5-10 minutes again.


Alarm console message: possibly duplicated data series in the QoS database
UIM displays the error: CDM is running on, possibly duplicated data series in the QoS database


CDM probe cannot capture network interface
environment : CA UIM server v8.5 running on win server 2012 R2 CDM probe 5.80 running on The SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP4 case: the metrics network in CDM probe cannot capture the data to monitor.


A robot keeps losing connectivity after changing the robot.cfg to the correct ipaddress.
One robot will show up in IM for about 15 minutes and then lose connection after altering the robot.cfg to use the correct ipaddress.


How to save off (dump) log files when an alarm occurs
When random, inconsistent, or patterned errors occur without any rhyme or reason, this article provides a means of capturing the log files when the event occurs, and saving them to a folder for later review.


Net_Connect Probe Is Not Working
Every device is showing RED when the PING button is clicked. The probe has no port number or IP address assigned to it.


Invalid alarms from snmpcollector
False alarms for probe snmpcollector; VMware; cdm and others


How to configure the AdminConsole2 to access the Web Archive using a Proxy Server
AdminConsole2 is unable to access the Web Archive directly and


How to create Tunnels between two hubs and Verify the communication using Queues
This document will be used to create Tunnels between two hubs and Queues to verify the communication


vmware probe - tips for troubleshooting some common vmware problems / alarms
vmware probe tips on performance, troubleshooting, and how to resolve some common problems or alarms


How to determine if your billing statements are being sent through the webgtw probe.
This article shows the troubleshooting steps for checking if the billing reports are being sent to CA.


Many probes are down on the primary with java errors in the logs.
Every probe that went down on the primary hub is showing java errors that it cannot connect to java.exe.


How to install a second instance of the web-based Admin Console application on a remote / secondary hub
Add remote / secondary admin console instance


How are Reachability and Availability in snmpcollector calculated?
This describes on how Reachability and Availability in snmpcollector are calculated.


Where is stored the UIM install log?


Creating SLA Report on SLM for 1000 QOS
I need to create a report of SLA Availability about 1000 Access Points. Is there a way to create a report selecting all 1000 APs QOS? Or I need to add AP per AP in the report of SLO ? Add them directly to the database with a Cursor statement.


What if QOS_ORACLE_CHECK_DBALIVE checkpoint fails, will it continue with the rest of the checkpoints for that database?
If the QOS_ORACLE_CHECK_DBALIVE checkpoint fails then the database is not available and monitoring any other checkpoints for that database will result in false alarms.


Can't delete template sequence on Ecometer
Trying to delete a template but it got the message 'Unable to delete Template RackPdu Sequence it has device instances associated with it.' .


How to reduce the size of the nas's internal databases.
In the event of a huge alarm spike the transactionlog.db file can grow immensely in size. Based on the transaction-log management settings the rows will be deleted but the file size on disk will remain constant until we do the steps listed.


Ntevl (NT Event Log Monitoring) probe not working properly on one server
Ntevl probe is not applying the following exclusion: "WEEMAIL (10018)" .


Discovery Agent not available sometimes at Discovery Wizard
[daConfigWorker-2] WARN com.nimsoft.discovery.server.agent.config.DiscoveryAgentConfigUpdater - set_config failed for /nimsoftvitait8dom/Zurich/WSPMONBRZ002/discovery_agent: (2) communication error, I/O error on nim session (C) c


I am having issues seeing data in usm but I can see it in PRD and I want to fix it.
data_engine has a new raw configuration key that is published in the release notes for uim 8.2sp2.


SNMPcollector Devices Stuck in "Discovery Pending"
The snmpcollector database needs a DISCOVERYREASON to complete discovery


SNMPCollector: Interface utilization calculation
SNMPCollector Interface utilization calculation


improve MCS performance
performance improvements using MCS


Security Scan reports JDWP Vulnerability in UIM Server
Disable JDWP. Security scans of a UIM environment may indicate that a JDWP (Java Debug Wire Protocol) vulnerability has been identified.


How to copy/move a netapp_ontap template from one robot to another.
How to move and/or copy a template from a robot that is running the netapp_ontap probe to a secondary robot that is also running netapp_ontap.


SNMPTD probe authenticating
snmptd: Rejected! Community not in list


URL response for 'APPLICATION' failed. 401 The requested resource requires user authentication.
False positive alarm


CDM Disk Metrics not showing correct value in USM
USM disk usage on device details resetting randomly for CDM probe


RSP probe profiles are no longer updated
When opening up the RSP probe it appears that it is no longer running commands against the remote systems.


USM Groups do not fully expand in IE or Chrome.
IN USM Groups do not fully expand in IE or Chrome. After upgrading from 8.1 . 8.4


How to remove existing ssl cert from wasp.keystore
We are uploading new ssl certificate root and intermediate on ump but its failing as the old one already exist. Please how can i remove the old root n intermediate certificates? so i will import new cert


CDM Top Processor alarm is not working
The new CDM CpuErrorPRocesses is not appearing, we are seeing the old High CPU alarm.


Accessing the Nimsoft Database cm_computer from Lua Script
I want to access the cm_computer table from the NIS database so I can pull in the following fields name,state,ip,managed,maintenance, and nimbus_type I want to be able to query the db where maintenance = 1.


Not able to discover Devices on UMP (Discovery Wizard)
I am unable to discover switch and router (Devices) on discovery Wizard - UMP


UIM Database is growing rapidly
We are observing that, the UIM database is growing rapidly and the disk space on the server is almost full. We have increased the disk space several times in last 6 months and unable to predict the future data growth.


Query to find source probe/robot for multiple origins
Customers are sometimes confused by why a device might show multiple origins. This query will show which probe on which robot is responsible for an entry along with the origin that was brought in as a result.


SQL query for servers by Total Physical Memory usage and CPU Usage in single table
Can you please tell me what is the sql query for servers by which we get Total Physical Memory usage and CPU Usage in single table?


LUA Script that will search for inactive robots and dead probes.
Automated weekly mailer showing Inactive robots dead probes


Infrastructure manager and probe GUI are very slow to work and configure.
IM very slow; probe GUI very slow, No alarms on the USM; No alarms on the IM; Alarm windows don't load


Unable to generate Trend and Group Trend reports
Trend reports generate the following errror: Error: Could not load metric list. Error: Could not load element list.


UIM 8.4: Admin console not opened after JRE upgrade
Unable to connect to Admin Console after deploying java_jre v1.73


What do these alerts from exchange_monitor mean: exchange_monitor: - (ntevl_init): Start event monitoring & (services_init): Start service monitoring
two alert messages from exchange_monitor probe exchange_monitor: - (ntevl_init): Start event monitoring - not found exchange_monitor: - (services_init): Start service monitoring - not found Regards Vatansha


Billing and usage_metering - Unable to complete billing reports
Subscription window shows "Connectivity to service URL doesn't exist from this machine.". No active offline subscription is configured. Unable to perform billing calculation until configuration is performed.


Nimboss.exe demonstrated potential malicious behaviour (file size seems to have increased)
Nimboss.exe demonstrated potential malicious behaviour (file size seems to have increased). Is this normal or is it a potential security threat where the file is being wrapped over by a Trojan horse?


How to remove a service from Trellis
Instructions to safely remove a service in case the service is no longer required


No alarms on USM
Not seeing in alarms in USM, but can see them coming through in IM.


Different hp-3par disk thresholds within a SAN
Is there a way to have different thresholds set up for different drives within the same SAN device? E.g. a single SAN has multiple drives. In measuring the amount of used disk space on each drive, I want some drives to alert at 90%, but others at 95%.


snmpcollector is not generating alarms when thresholds are reached
alarms are not being generated


UMP Dashboard Designer fails to create a dashboard PDF
UMP Dashboard Designer fails to create a dashboard PDF on unregistered Redhat systems.


How to apply UIM License
Steps to apply UIM License


Vmware failed to collect data - Alarms not avaiable
Vmware alarms appear and disappear very quickly from the Infrasctruture Management console. There are several. Follow the logs and print attached.


How do we make global changes to cdm probe configurations on multiple systems?
How do we set up a global configuration for all robots running CDM to have them all run the same threshold values for alarms?


Udm_manager queue backing up on UIM 8.5
Users are noticing that the udm_manager queue is backing up and losing its 'Established' connection with discovery server.


UIM Configuration Backup and Restore
This Kb will dissuss basic backup and restore information for UIM


USM Slow due high number of alarms history at the USM
USM seems loading very slow after some time, even reports are being processed very slow

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