Tech Tip: UIM - How to install and access the Admin Console from another hub

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Instructions on how to install and access the adminconsoleapp on a hub other than the Primary.



Ease of administration.



- UIM 8.5.1



If you are on your network and can access UMP via a browser you can 'Add a Page' and add the Admin Console portlet and then click on the portlet to access the Admin Console. When you click on the portlet is should bring up the Admin Console.


Alternatively, you can install it on a hub without UMP and access it directly (standalone).


Here is how you can install the adminconsoleapp on another hub machine so you don't have to work off of the Primary.


First, note that the hub(s) must be able to directly access the backend SQL Server database for UIM. For this reason, AC cannot be deployed to "remote" secondary hubs (e.g., those connected via a tunnel to the primary hub environment.)


It can only be deployed to hubs which are within the same internal network/LAN so that the hubs can communicate directly with the SQL Server database server.


For a given hub that meets this requirement, deploy the following packages from the local archive:


1. wasp 8.5x or higher
2. uimserver_home 8.5x or higher
3. adminconsoleapp 8.5x or higher
4. mps 8.48 or higher


Once the probes are deployed, configure the wasp probe via the Setup->General tab in Probe addresses and set data_engine: to point to the primary data_engine probe.


Activate all of the probes.

Then you should be able to access the Admin Console via UMP or the direct link. For example,


Example for https:


Note that as of UIM/UMP v8.51 you need to use the direct link for https like the example listed above, because the Admin Console portlet does not currently support redirect to HTTPS. This may be added in a future release.

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