Handy Guide: NFA 9.3.6

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Hello all,


I put together a list of Tech Docs that are either required or optional for successfully using NFA 9.3.6. More to come. 

Handy Guide: NFA 9.3.6


Whether you upgraded to NFA 9.3.6 or installed it clean, this is a patch you should apply to fix Harvester issues:

If you are using NFA 9.3.6 with CAPC/NPC, you should apply this patch to resolve 'Sync Failures' caused by timeouts:


If your "Last Flow" times are not updating / .FLT files are being generated with the backup NIC IP Address *Same patch as above harvester patch*:

If you see errors like this in your reporter logs: "Column 'routerAddress' in field list is ambiguous" or "Unknown column 'r.ID' in 'field list'":

If you run into Property MaximumIn not found in System.Data.DataRowView errors when trying to open reports:


If you are having issue with the page not showing up correctly using HTTP/HTTPS or certain browsers:

If the page shows up fine BUT there is no data for certain or all harvesters:

If the page shows up fine in HTTP but HTTPS looks distorted:

If you don't have a description the graphs will not load and stay stuck in "loading".

If Flow Statistics page loads but no data shows up and you know ports are open.

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