Service Pack 1 now available for CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.5.1

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Today, the UIM development team is pleased to announce the availability of CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.5.1, Service Pack 1. This service pack provides you with the latest fixes and performance improvements, including 18 new fixes and enhancements. We recommend this service pack for all UIM 8.5.1 installations.
Downloads are available now, and we encourage you to upgrade at your earliest convenience. If you are not running CA UIM 8.5.1, we strongly encourage you to upgrade now and take advantage of the powerful new capabilities and quality improvements you’ll find in the latest version.


The Service Pack can be found on the downloads page of the CA support site at: 


Release Notes and documentation are available from:

CA UIM 8.5.1 Service Pack 1 Release Information (May, 2017) - CA Unified Infrastructure Management - 8.5.1 - CA Technolo… 


The following are the list of updates in CA UIM 8.5.1 Service Pack 1. Please see the UIM 8.5.1 SP1 Release Notes and Documentation for further details:


Application Discovery Attribute Names Can Include Multiple Periods

Application Discovery attribute names in scripts can now contain multiple periods. For example, device.attribute.with.multiple.periods.

Users Can Add and Remove Members from USM Groups

Users can add systems to static and parent groups in USM and can remove them when necessary. You cannot perform this action on interface groups.



Account Contact Users Can Now Access the Probe Utility in Admin Console 

Users designated as Account Contact Users in the Account Admin portlet but not associated with a specific account can access the Probe Utility window in Admin Console and run probe callbacks if they have the correct ACL permissions. Previously, such account contact users could not access the probe utility regardless of their ACL permissions. Support Cases 605925, 616071, and 641012.

The CA UIM Mobile Application Now Handles Push Notifications Properly

The mobile application no longer displays push notifications from all systems in a UIM environment. Push notifications are now limited to alarms applicable to the specified account.  Note: If you are logged in as the actual Administrator user (and not simply having an Administrator ACL), the mobile app will still push notifications for ALL environment alarms. Support Case 692613.

List Designer and List Viewer Now Support MySQL 5.7

Functionality in List Designer and List Viewer portlets now support use of MySQL version 5.7 with CA UIM. The compatibility matrix for CA UIM and MySQL will reflect this change in the next release.


Probes and Packages

Discovery Agent Finds IPv4 Addresses in /31 Subnet

Discovery agent no longer ignores IPv4 addresses in /31 subnet as network or broadcast addresses. Support Case 00691798.

Fixed Error When Deleting Discovery Agent

A foreign key violation after deleting discovery agent from the database using P_CM_DISCOVERY_AGENT stored procedure is corrected. Support Case 00464676.

Discovery Server Properly Handles Pre-5.10 Version Robots

Discovery server now handles pre-5.10 robots that don’t support the niscache bulk_size parameter. Support Case 00671113.

LDAP Users Can Now Copy Configuration Profiles to Groups and Devices

When LDAP users copy an existing MCS profile to other devices and groups, the 'To Device' and 'To Group' drop-down lists in the Profile Copy window are now populated. Previously, the lists were empty. Support Case 00680077.

MCS Device Configuration Overrides are Correctly Marked with an Asterisk (*)

MCS correctly marks all device-level override fields with an asterisk (*). Previously, MCS did not mark all device-level overrides to MySQL, SQLServer, or Oracle database profiles.

MCS Devices in the Processing Queue are now Handled Equally

The queuing/caching process is updated so that all devices and their related MCS configuration profiles are processed with an equal priority. Previously, existing device jobs could be pushed back in the processing order by new device jobs.

MCS Profiles Are Now Correctly Copied to Groups and Devices for MySQL

An SQL grammar error that occurred when a user copied MySQL configuration profiles to a target group or device through MCS 8.5.1 has been corrected. This error did not occur when using other databases or previous versions of MCS. Support Case 00695551.

MCS Successfully Create Group Profiles When the Filtering Mechanism is Displayed

MCS successfully creates group profiles when the filtering fields appear in the Group Profile Settings section. Previously, display of the filtering fields resulted in profile creation failure and a USM error message display.

MCS Displays the Complete Service Name in the Service Message Key Field

On the Windows Services profile type, after an administrator selects a service from the Select Service drop-down, the complete service name appears in the Service Message Key field.  Previously, the abbreviated service name appeared in the Service Message Key field.

mon_config_service Log Rolls Over Properly

On reaching its configured maximum size (default is typically 1024 KB), the mon_config_service log rolls in to a backup file and a new log file is created for further entries. This prevents the log file from growing until it affects system performance.

Telemetry Probe Accepts Special Characters in Oracle

The telemetry probe now accepts the use of the special character "@" in an Oracle password. This allows the administrator to use, for instance, "@hostname" in the password.

Telemetry Probe Recognizes Windows Authentication for SQL Server

The telemetry probe now recognizes Windows authentication when CA UIM uses a Microsoft SQL Server database.

UDM Inventory Queue Performance Enhanced

Discovery server updated to minimize UDM processing in order to improve the udm_inventory queue performance.


Please see the documentation for additional content details and installation instructions.


We're excited to provide you with these latest improvements and wanted to Thank You once again for being a UIM customer!


Best Regards,


Robert Vacante

Senior Principal Product Manager, UIM

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