Tech Tip : CA Single Sign-On : Partnership Entity is not visible in drop down when configuring WSFed RP->IP partnership

Document created by Albert_Fernandez Employee on Jun 15, 2017
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While creating WSFED RP -> IP partnership in Legacy Partnership, after configuring Partnership entities, we're unable to select Local Resource Partner nor Remote IDP from the drop down menu in AdminUI. The entity is not visible.



Policy Server and AdminUI 12.51, 12.52, 12.52 SP1, 12.52 SP2



WSFed RP->IP Partnerships don't support Entities with SAML Token Type 2.0. Those entities don't show in the drop down lists.


IP->RP supported SAML Token Types are: SAML2.0, SAML1.1 and SAML1.0 Legacy.
RP->IP supported SAML Token Types are: SAML1.1 and SAML1.0 Legacy.



For WSFed RP->IP Partnerships you need to create entities with SAML Token Type 1.1.


KD : TEC1159351