Answered Q&A - 7/18 Webcast: Top 10 Things Every CA Agile Central User Should Know

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Answered Q&A from Community Webcast - Top 10 Things Every CA Agile Central (formerly Rally) User Should Know 

Original Webcast Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This document addresses the unanswered questions from our community webcast on 7/18.


  • Can the custom list be enhanced to support showing both and defects together?
    • This can be accomplished using the new Workviews functionality.  You can select multiple work items types. 
  • Is there a report that will give you a list of User Stories with tasks and/or defects intead of going through every user story?
    • Custom Lists, with this query ((Tasks.TaskIndex > 0) OR (Defects.State >= "Submitted")) 
  • Can we modify view on the iteration status to customize the columns to our need?
    • Yes, click the “Show Columns” button  (next to the Filter Funnel button), and select your columns, you can then click the next field to save your view so you can get back to it. 
  • How do we delete a custom page?
    • Go to the page name in the menu, hover over the custom page name.  You will see a gear, click on the gear and select Delete Page.  Be careful, it could be a shared page and others might want to keep it. 
  • Can you add more colors to the color codes?
    • Please submit and Idea for this enhancement through the Idea Manager site. 
  • Can you share the Team board (with the rest of the workspace)?
    • Each team in the Project Hierarchy has a Team Board that the team shares.  Each team needs to setup the board the way they want, you are not able to share the board settings across teams. 
  • How do you move tasks from one story to another?
    • Edit the task and then edit the Work Product field to change to the User Story you want to move the task to. 
  • In current US that is shown, there is a tag for a person - does that trigger any kind of notification?
    • No, tags are used just for filtering unless you build Notifications on certain tags.  
  • How do fibonacci/estimation points translate into t-shirt sizes on their own and are reflected on the estimation board app?
    • If using the (NEW) estimation board, you will need to edit the app settings to define the T-Shirt size and corresponding value.  Click the gear for the app and select Edit App Settings.
    • If using the original estimation board, click the App Tools dropdown to access the setup for T-Shirt sizes and Values.  Once the card is dragged to a column the corresponding value for the size is placed into the Plan Estimate field. 
  • How do I see "assigned to" in the custom list?
    • If you have a custom field called Assigned To you would add it via the field selector, otherwise Owner can be added. 
  • Swimlane is disabled in our project, how do I fix this?
    • Check to be sure that both Defects and User Stories have the same field defined that you want to use for the swimlane.
  • Can the estimation board be sliced by certain iterations only?
    • Yes, when you use it on a custom page and filter it by Iteration
  • Can the iteration dates be added to the Team Status page like on the Iteration Status page ?
    • Not as of yet.
  • Can Team Status page be used for kanban?
    • So long as you create iterations and understand that they apply to x week values of Kanban
  • In our project, the template can be set as a default, but it does not come up as the default all the time. Seems to be dependent on how you create the US - not helpful like that. System issue?
    • Please contact our support
  • Default shared templates don't currently populate when creating an item in a quick view panel. Is there a plan to correct this? We use them quite a bit, and have to coach team members to always create new items in full view and apply the template.
    • We'll pass this feedback back to our Customer Voice team
  • There is an abundance of 'project level' tracking material available; is there the ability to track resources at a 'headcount' level, as opposed to project? The Team application was mentioned, but is there something more suitable?
    • Not really, the platform was designed to support Agile principles and thus focuses at the Team over all and uses the team Status page to verify team capacity to deliver team velocity.
  • Customer list -- across all field types... Will this be publicly available in the future? with Saved views?
    • The new Work Views page breaks down those barriers and allows you to collect all manner of work items from across your hierarchies to give you the best view of the data you need to see
  • How did you color code the scheduled state?
    • That's hard coded logic on the back end and cannot be edited at this time
  • Does Team Status only show tasks owned by that Team? Will it show me everything (no matter what portfolio hierarchy) that a person on my team is assigned to?
    • Team Status shows the tasks users have assigned to them on a given iteration for a given layer of the hierarchy or for the whole of the hierarchy


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