DevTest & TDM askCA (formerly Office Hours) Transcript - September 2017

Document created by Melanie_Giuliani Employee on Sep 27, 2017
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Chat transcript of askCA: DevTest & TDM - September 2017 which took place on September 27, 2017.


Melanie Giuliani to everyone: Hi everyone - we're at the top of the hour so lets go ahead and get started! You can start asking your questions here in the chat box - please be sure to select "send to: everyone"

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: We're standing by for your questions, don't be shy! We have the product teams for both DevTest solutions & Test Data Manager standing by

Srini to everyone: How can an administrator track all the reservations for a project in the dynamic 'find & reserve' functionality?

Donald Gall to everyone: @Srini - good question, there is an enhancement request for this type of view from another customer, I will follow up to find out the status, but I would also like to discuss this further with you to get your feedback outside this call....

Srini to everyone: @Don - Sure. Thank you

Neelima Kadimi to everyone: With TDM configured with Integrated Authentication, are there any known issues - Especially with TDM Portal - I am seeing a scenario where the portal services are not coming up. Please note that the user is added to the group in LDAP and all the users were given Admin privileges

Les Dover to everyone: @ Neelima - As you know this is handled through Support as a case.  There are several items that have to be worked out to make that this is properly configured.

SatishC to everyone: Are there any plans to have a Service Repository or Inventory integrated into DevTest for all your virtual services ?

Salvatore Pilo to everyone: @SatishC - Great question.  We are actively researching the development of a Service Repository.  This has been a strong request by our customers base and it makes sense.  We do not have any ETA but hope to share some guidnace on a future Office Hours.  

SatishC to everyone: @Salvatore - ok thanks

Srini to everyone: Can we create an action to call AS400 program from Datapool as an Adhoc, pre or post publish action?

Donald Gall to everyone: @Srini - when you say AS400 Program can you give an example?  Are you accessing the database or have a need to run a command on the AS400 as a Post Action?

Srini to everyone: @Don - we are able to connect to the database  and publish data. We are checking the feasibility to run a command on the As400 as a post publish action

Donald Gall to everyone: @Srini - if there was a way to build a script that could remotely connect to the AS400 and execute the required command, then we could probably use a Javelin flow as a Post Action to run the script....

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: @all - interested in upgrading? Check out our latest webcast on tips & tricks for upgrading to DevTest 10.1:

Reid Norton to everyone: @all - did you know that online chat has been enabled for Service Virtualization? To access online chat for Service Virtualization, you can go to and go to Case Management. Then go to Create New Case and a CHAT push button should appear in the top right.

Alan Baptista to everyone: @All... Btw... We're going to have a CA World session on Upgrade paths for CA Service Virtualization v10.x. Presented by CA"s Product Owner and SWAT team members.

Fernando Grandinetti to everyone: I have to dimension a database for DevTest 10.1, the documentation

says it is needed 50GB and in other section that 500GB is needed for the registry database,

do we need to start with 500gb from the begining? What is the recommended size for the databases for a new install.

That is, to start with a couple of Virtual services with 10 operations each.

Surya Anil Kumar Suravarapu to everyone: @Fernando.. 50 GB is the minimum recommended DB size for the Enterprise Dashboard and 500 GB is for the Registry.. There need to be two different databases (schemas) for Registry and Enterprise Dashboard. Please let us know if you have any further questions around this. More information can be found at the link

Jianhua Dong to everyone: If I have for example 2000 users concurrently send requests to one  virtual service, and my LISA Server license is not the performance VSE, what would be the result?  Some requests will be denied or dropped by the LISA Server?

Surya Anil Kumar Suravarapu to everyone: @Jianhua.. If you do not enable performance VSE, the concurrent capacity of the virtual service and the number of the transactions it can process will be limited.. If you do not enable performance mode, you can only have a concurrent capacity of 1 when you deploy the virtual service and you are limited to 1 transaction every 100 milliseconds, per VSE. (more info in the link below) thereby, you will see poor performance from the services and timeouts at the application end..

Koustubh Warty to everyone: @Jianhua: You can get max 10 tps in a functional VSE

Koustubh Warty to everyone: @jianhua: Also the thread count/capacity will always be 1 in a functional VSE

Jianhua Dong to everyone: thanks for the info

Melanie Giuliani to everyone: Alright if there are no more questions, i think we'll go ahead and wrap up for today. thank you so much to everyone for joining! We'll be posting the transcript of today's session to the DevTest community later today.