TDM API - Postman collection.

Document created by Peter De Zutter Employee on Nov 17, 2017
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For those who don't like using the swagger-ui to test an API call, here is the TDM API Postman Collection.


The following services and its methods are included in the collection:

  • TestDataManager (Work in progress)
  • TDMDataReservationService
  • TDMProjectService
  • TDMGeneratorService (Work in progress)
  • TDMConnectionSerice (Work in progress)


The following services are not yet done.

  • TDMDataFlowService
  • TDMJobService
  • TDMModelService
  • TDMPublisherService
  • TDMOrchestrationService
  • TDMLegacyExecuterService



Below is a snippet of how this looks in Postman.

Postman DataReservation Methods


Attached is version 1 of the TDM API Postman collection, ready to be imported in in Postman. The second file contains the definition of the global variables used in the Postman collection. After importing both files in Postman you will need to change the global variables values to the values appropriated for your implementation. 

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