Configuring SSO to JasperSoft Report Server using CA SSO

Document created by ChristopherLavagnino on Dec 20, 2017
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This Technical Note summarizes the steps necessary to configure single sign on to the JasperSoft Report Server using CA Single Sign On.


JasperSoft Report Server 6.x leverages the Spring Security Framework 3.2 ( to use external authentication in place of the built-in internal authentication to provide the mechanisms to authenticate and authorize users.


The JasperSoft Report Server installation bundle contains the Spring Security Frameworks sample external authentication templates.


When the installer selects to install the samples included with the JasperReports Server, the Spring Security configuration files are installed in the JasperReports Server web application deployed in the <js-install>/samples/externalAuth-sample-config directory.


The installation bundles for both the community and commercial bundles contain sample authentication templates for the following authentication mechanisms:

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), i.e. LDAP Authentication

Central Authenticaton Service (CAS), i.e. CAS Authentication

Authentication via an external database, i.e. External Database Authentication

Authentication when the user has already been reliably authenticated by another external system, i.e. Token-based Authentication


The one successfully used to configure SSO to JasperSoft Report Server using CA Single Sign is the Token-based Authentication template or the preAuth template.

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