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  • Nolio 6.9 was released

    Dear Nolio Community,

    Today we announced that Nolio 6.9 was released and available for download from our support site.

    For the list of deliveries please refer to the release note, and feel free to approach with any question.

  • Nolio Release Automation 6.8.3 Cumulative Patch is now GA

    We would like to inform that Nolio Release Automation 6.8.3 commulative patch is now available.
    This release includes the following enhancements:
    • Nolio Standard Version format 
    • STARTTLS support in Send Email action
    • Windows Server 2022 and MS SQL 2022 are now supported
    Besides the enhancements, this release also contains:
    • Fixes of customer reported issues
    • Fixes of internal issues
    • Security fixes and vulnerability remediations
    A complete list of fixes and further details can be found in the release notes.
    The release is available for download on the support portal under Nolio Release Automation in the Solutions tab.
    The official anouncment can be gound here

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