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  • Announcing Broadcom Tech Day at Mohegan Sun - September 2023

    We will be hosting the Broadcom Tech Day on September 29, 2023 at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut. Please join us for an afternoon and attend an event that is designed to empower your business, build your profession peer network, and accelerate the time-to-value from Broadcom software investments. Session tracks will be offered across seven solution portfolios.

    To kick off the Identity Security track, Vadim Lander, CTO and Distinguished Engineer, will present our Identity Fabric vision and strategy.  This will be followed by an update on the Security Services Platform; our initiative to modernize our IAM platform.  This will be followed by three breakout sessions for SiteMinder and Authentication; IGA; and PAM.  

  • Upcoming SiteMinder Office Hours - August 24, 2023

    We invite you to attend the August installment of SiteMinder Office Hours. During this meeting, the SiteMinder team will present:

    • VIP Authentication Hub.  The cornerstone for an identity fabric that supports a zero trust architecture is a modern authentication service.  During this month’s SiteMinder Office Hours session we will present VIP Authentication Hub, its core policy-driven authentication capabilities, and profiles of unique use cases, implemented in integrated fashion with SiteMinder, at multiple leading customer environments.
    • Configuration recommendations made to a customer after a free Broadcom Deployment Review of their deployment 
    • New features that will be available in an August beta release.

      Additionally, the team will provide 20 minutes for open Q&A.  We look forward to connecting with you

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