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  • SiteMinder Office Hours - November

    We would like to invite you to the upcoming SiteMinder Office Hours on November 16, 2022. Please join the product management team for this event as they present two topics:  The first topic will demonstrate how to configure and the value of the new LDAP Connection Pooling feature, which was just introduced in the 12.8.07 service pack, to simplify and improve LDAP resiliency.  And the second topic will preview the integration between SiteMinder and VIP, our cloud-based service, which can provide secondary authentication methods for SiteMinder protected resources.  

  • Symantec SiteMinder 12.8.07 is Generally Available

    Please see more about the release here:
    Link to release summary

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    RE: Webagent

    Hi Srikanth, Web Agent installation is part of the standard documentation.  It may seem missing at first glance, however, because the latest release of the Web Agent is 12.52 SP1 and thus you have to switch to the 12.52 SP1 version of the documentation ...

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    Hi Team, please provide web agent reinstallation steps on both Linux and Windows operating systems. Regards, Srikanth

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