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  • Layer7 Office Hours On September 30th!

    The Layer7 team invites you to our monthly Office Hours Thursday, Sep 30th at 8am. This month we will again be looking @ the GMU (Gateway Migration Utility) and how to migrate policies & other artifacts between gateways. 
    Following the demo session, the remaining time has an open agenda. Have questions or feedback? Join us to ask questions and speak directly with the Layer7 API Management product experts. 

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  • Hi Alok: If this was all working previously I think you will need to troubleshoot to see what changed to break the query to retrieve applications.  A couple of things to check: if a new error it should be showing up in the logs as an error trying ...

  • Dear Alex, Thanks for update. We are in process of upgrading our Developer Portal to version 5 but due to complete architecture change for us and huge impact of users it is taking bit time for getting approvals. Portal was working fine and applications, ...

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  • Olá pessoal,  Após realizar a atualização do certificado SSL no CA Portal Developer e CA Gateway não estou conseguindo gerenciar as APIs na ferramenta do CA Developer Portal, erros de java.lang.NullPointerException at ...

  • From Layer 7 Gateway - How to invoke Backend REST API if the backend has enforced SSO. What are the header fields which we need to populate if it;s service provider initiated flow . Detailed info would be highly appreciated.

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  • PI26 is complete and we have now entered into PI27. During PI26, API Gateway 10.1 and API Portal 5.0.2 were released including many new capabilities and updates (click on the release links for the full release notes).  Below you will find the list ...

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  • As part of our effort to keep our customers up to date and get continuous feedback, we are continuing to provide updates on our development work in progress for each Program Increment (known as a "PI") here in the Layer7 Community. We invite you to provide ...

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