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  • <# Autor: Felipe Vandrilho Objetivo: Envia e-mail para subtituir o operador "SEND_EMAIL" do PAM #> # PARAMETROS [string] [Parameter(Position=0, Mandatory)] $email_usu = $args[0] [string] [Parameter(Position=1, Mandatory)] $email_pss ...

  • Hi Gregg, many thanks for all. Meanwhile I tried it with 1.8.0_265 and it also didn't work. From the CASE, that I also created meanwhile, a Defect has been created. I'll keep you informed. Regards, Peter

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    processes stuck in queue

    we've perform the IP Change of SDM and ITPAM servers. after that All Processes stucked in Queue. telnet to the database is working form both systems.  with following error: "failed to deliver response to the local server" "failed to publish message" ...

  • This was originally posted in the Service Management community, but I didn't find a way how to cross post it to this community. So this is the same post with some new information. ...