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  • Automation in a Multi-Cloud Era

    92% of enterprises report having a multicloud strategy; 76% use multiple public cloud providers. These multicloud environments have evolved mainly from decentralized decisions rather than deliberate strategies; leaving most struggling with increased complexities, costs, and skills.

    Broadcom VP and GM of Agile Operations Division Serge Lucio shares how automating multicloud environments is critical to overcoming these challenges and key to reshaping IT strategies. Exclusive from Forbes Tech Council.

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  • The latest v24 build (28th Feb) has the Integration FTP agent binaries. This takes care the above problem. Regards P Verghese

  • Hi , we stopped our AAKE tests. One importent reason was the security issue. We started with 21.08 and we got a lot of Critical and High security findings. After upgrading on 21.09 we still had 2 Critical, 4 High and 6 Medium findings. However ...

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  • Hello community, after upgrading from 12.3.6 to 12.3.9+hf.2 I lost the "web service" tabs for REST agents, connections and jobs: I didn't catch it during testing as we didn't use any REST jobs, but now we are planning to do ...

  • Here are some Bash functions that can be used to quickly identify AE server processes by type and role. UC4_Log_Dir="/var/uc4/server" pwpname () { PWP_Process_Name=$(grep U00003475 ${UC4_Log_Dir}/WPsrv_*_log_???_0[1-3].txt | sort -t : -k 2 | tail -1 ...