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  • Symantec IGA – Troubleshooting Tasks-in-Progress Webinar

    Did you miss us?  Watch the replay as the Symantec IGA Team conducts a session on how to troubleshoot any Tasks In-Progress issues and help optimize your IGA environment. It will give you an understanding of all the ways tasks interact within IGA and your environment and give you a format to do a lot of self-service activities yourselves.

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  • Hi As part of our continued effort to support industry standards, We are please to invite you to our newest BETA program where you will be able to configure Symantec Identity Manager and Identity Portal to support native federation SSO protocols without ...

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  • Fixed now! It seems I was a bit too literal when following the install instructions. Instead of moving the new bin and data folders into the CCS directory and moving the old folders sideways, what needs to be done is copy the contents of the 14.4.1 ...

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  • Posted in: Symantec IGA

    Hi Team, Can someone please share an example on how to make TEWS SOAP call when: Enable admin_id (allow impersonation)=true Admin password is required=true We know that, impersonation can be used with WSS Auth ( WSS Username Token (Password ...

  • Posted in: Symantec IGA

    Hi All, Is there any impact on the password sync agent if user upgrade the OS of AD server? Is there any precautions we need to focus on before upgrade it? Also, will it affect the connector services? I did go through below techdocs and it seems the ...