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  • Announcing Release of Symantec IGA 14.5

    The Identity and Access Management product group of Broadcom’s IMS division is pleased to announce the release of Symantec Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) 14.5!

    For more detailed information on the many upgrades and improvements made to the Symantec IGA product, please see the release notes by component: Identity ManagerIdentity GovernanceIdentity Portal and the Virtual Appliance. For additional information and documentation, please visit our documentation site here.

    Please note: Symantec IGA supports upgrades from release 14.3 to 14.4 and 14.4 to 14.5 - if customers are on a release prior to 14.4, they must first move to 14.4 before upgrading to 14.5.  Support for 14.4 has been extended through September of 2024 to help with upgrade planning.

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  • Great stuff Alan - very clear and very useful. Thank you! Regards Rinat

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