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  • General Availability of Test Data Manager 4.9.1

    We are pleased to announce general availability of Test Data Manager 4.9.1 that delivers several enhancements including SAP HANA support, enhanced LDAP integration and copy generator functionality in the TDM portal . This new version can be downloaded directly from the Broadcom support site. Once logged in, you will be able to select the latest version from the 'Download Management' section. Here are the updates:

    Copy Generators in TDM Portal

    The Generators page now offers a Copy Generator action. You can only copy generators within the same project version.

    SAP HANA data source support

    SAP HANA is now supported as a data source in TDM Portal for Data Generation and Data Masking; and also in Datamaker for Data Generation; in Fast Data Masker for Data Masking; for Data Subsetting; and for Data Modelling and PII Audit.

    Persistence ARD self-service flows in the Self-Service Catalog.

    In the Self-Service Catalog, the TDM Portal now remembers parameter values and choices of previous requests. The values persist locally in the browser. When Testers create a request, they are prompted to choose whether they want to use the "last used values" or "default values". If any "last used values" have been stored, they are highlighted in the form. For more information, see Reserve Data with Self Service Catalog Forms. 

    Self-Service Catalog expiration date

    When you reserve data in the Self-Service Catalog, you can now define an expiration date.  For more information, see Find and Reserve Test Data Interactively.

    Generators improved error messages

    Columns can reference columns in other tables that themselves contain complex expressions; references can be nested or even be circular. The validation error messages now provide additional detail about the root of the validation problem. The column that caused the error is highlighted with an error icon. Parent columns that are referencing the error are highlighted with a warning icon. Tooltips guide you to the next referenced column with an error or warning.

    Data Model scan View support

    In a Data Model scan, you can now also see table views in addition to tables. You recognize table views by an icon that looks like a table with an eye. You can click Details to learn more about a View. When you select a View for the first time, it prompts you to provide a primary key. The primary key column is marked with a key icon.

    LDAP enhancements

    On the LDAP configuration doc page, we added the following LDAP attributes: Custom User Filter, User Container, and Group Container.

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