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  • I have never tried to do that.  I think the preferred method is to use OLE integration instead.  If you search your help file for OLE Automation Object Reference it documents how to use VBScript to call a Plex DLL as an integrated piece, not by calling ...

  • Hi, Do you know if it's possible to obtain the returning status form a plex executable plex when I launch it in a vbscript source code ?

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  • Posted in: Plex 2E

    Hi, in a sourceCode VBScript, I would like call an plex executable with a, do you know if it's possible to have got the return code (the first param sent with blank) ?

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    CA Plex - Dynamic Menu

    Posted in: Plex 2E

    We are using the C# generator and would like to add child menus to an existing menu item in the MDI parent panel.  We did this in C++. We are reading a table to add the child menu items.  CA Plex is using the AddMenuID from the ObWPF.ObWPFCtrl.ObPanel ...

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