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  • file come into play if you are using the Arcot VPN Client to invoke the other client like Cisco or any other IPsec client, if you are not using that then you have to follow the steps on vendor side and on AA side the configurations ...

  • For reporting purpose we create temporary tables by the name you saw and it is for the session and when the report is run, it is not created any other time, once the report is run and Administrator does a sign out the table is dropped. Let me know if ...

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  • Under Windows environment, can we run the policy server service using a non local admin account? I check the product document seems didn't mention the permission requirement for the account running siteminder policy server service. Thanks,

  • Hello Everyone, We are migrating client's website [ASP.NET MVC, Sitecore CMS] from on-premises to Azure PaaS . I'm curious about using ISAPI Filer on Azure PaaS. We've following configuration: < system.webServer >      < modules   ...

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  • Hi All! Read this article by Uzi Cohen to learn how to handle the collection and aggregation of logs from applications running in containers on Kubernetes into centralized log storage.  Also, stay tuned for more in this blog ...

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  • As more and more digital business initiatives emerge, which require applications and data to be accessed by those outside the corporate perimeter, the adoption of federation technologies has risen dramatically. Among these technologies, OpenID Connect ...

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