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Olá, comunidade.       Tenho um cenário onde faço monitoramento de duas urls com a probe url_response, foi configurado caso as duas (E) urls estejam sem comunicação, gere um novo alarme critical. Porém, quando as duas urls estão normais, o terceiro alarme gerado (O critical, que parece ser independente dos outros dois para limpeza), continua na… (Show more)
Does anyone know how it's possible to threat the login errors from an user that is trying to authenticate in an application that is being protected by Single Sign On 12.7? According to the SMAUTHREASON we can inform the user status, however if we try to access with an non-existing user or with the wrong password from an existing user, the… (Show more)
I have this scenario: I have an API from another source , not from API Gateway where I need to get a credential ( token ) to make calls. I have to pass two headers "X-Requested-With" value ""XMLHttpRequest" and "Content-Type" value "application/json", and pass a Body with a username and password to a page where this page gives me this Token, this… (Show more)