Break apart Risks, Issues and Change Request Rights

Idea created by ca.portal.admin on Jul 22, 2013
    Under review

    Currently, the ability to create/edit and delete Project Risks, Issues and Change Requests are bundled together.
    Risk Issue and Change Request Rights Screen Shot


    We would like the ability for resources to add risks and issues to the projects they are assigned to, however, only the PM should be able to create/edit Change Requests.


    This could be accomplished through a combintation of things:


    Break up the rights so that Risks and Issues are together and Change Requests are separated


    Project-Risk, Issue - Create/Edit
    Project - Change Request - Create/Edit


    Additionally, the rights could be granted to the PM  - similar to whether or not they want to use the resource pool function or not - whether or not they want team members to be able to create/edir risks and issues.