Web view of topology

Idea created by ca.portal.admin on Nov 28, 2011

    We would like a way to make the Spectrum topology available to our customers without providing them a full OneClick client. We're currently using the topology applet, but it's horribly slow and minimally functional.

    Ideally the topology view would have the following features:

    • Implemented in either Flash (ok) or HTML5 (better)
    • Just-in-time data loading (One reason the applet is so slow is that it (seemingly) downloads all the models in all the containers before displaying anything.)
    • Administrators can enable coloring of icons based on alarms (if disabled, model icons show a neutral color)   
      • Administrators can separately enable coloring of icons based on maintenance state
    • Native multi-tenancy (no chance of one customer seeing another customers models)
    • Administrators can selectively allow some end users to get some details on selected models (open a new window to get some fields like last discovery time, IP address, community string, etc.)

    These are just a few things off the top of my head. I hope that the community will contribute more.