Reporting: Improved visibility into ticket reopen volume/rate

Idea created by ttorgerson on May 8, 2012
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    I am not a BOXI expert and have not been able to locate any out of the box reports that represent reopen rates, tickets that have been reopened, etc., so this may be there and I have just not been able to locate it, so if that is the case, my apologies.   However, having this visibility is important.  We had a way in our prior ITSM tool to represent the reopen rate and provide a report of tickets that were reopened, giving us the ability to identify particular support groups/individuals that tend to close tickets before they were resolved, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.


    To calculate this, you would need to identify tickets where the status went to a resolved or closed status and then went back to a status that indicated the ticket was reopened.  That doesn't appear to be too difficult, but seems like it would be something that could be offered out of the box with BOXI.