Make the XOG client URL back again

Idea created by ciaan01 Employee on Mar 2, 2014

    Advantages of the xog.client URL:

    a) You don’t need to have the XOG client installed, which is not always possible for some customers due to IT policies
    b) You don’t need to have the XOG client installed on your own PC
    c) You don’t need to use the XOG client which means "login, set the output, call the file, read the output" and it's slow when you are testing and debugging files
    d) you just need to copy your content from the your PC (like from a notepad text file) and the browser

    in particular, I'll describe the differences between using the 2 tools:

    XOG Client:

    1) Requires to get the right version of Java
    2) Requires admin rights on the PC to install Java
    2.1 It generally fails here because the PCs on customer site are not “Developper” PCs, but standard PCs
    2.2 It also fails here because other several JRE are already installed (for business purpose) and to install a new one will “kill” other (business) applications so the customer doesn’t accepts to install JRE
    2.3 If this step doesn’t fail, for sure you may need to wait for days or weeks before to get it, remember you are on customer site, not at home.
    3) Download the installation files
    4) Installing the XOG client sometimes fails (in particular for v12, not for v13)
    5) Start XOG client
    6) Login to Clarity
    7) Type the right command and execute it making sure you are in the right target folder (otherwise you dont understand what happens)
    8) Open result file
    Note: This is very difficult to install two XOG clients for two different Clarity version, which is what you need when upgrading from a Clarity version to another one.

    URL xog.client:

    1) Logging to Clarity
    2) Type the URL
    3) Copy/Paste the file to execute
    4) Click “Run” button
    5) Read the result on the same page when completed
    5.1 This may fail when the input file is too big
    5.2 We know it and we don’t intend to use this URL to build an industrialized interface, but to run quick command in a flexible and agile way
    Note: This is easy to manage two different Clarity versions from the same PC as there is no XOG client to be installed on PC

    So to summarize:

    1)This is much much easier and faster to use the Xog URL instead of the Xog Client.
    2) There is today a size limit, but all the rest is fine and this is sometime the only one way to get Xog on customer site.