DB Utility for Multi-Model Maintenance

Idea created by henky.sap on Feb 18, 2015
    Not planned

    We have multiple 2E models to maintain, and as part of our business requirement, it is critical to have exactly identical file record format whenever a file is added/updated in the multiple models.  Currently, we have to introduce DB changes one model at a time.


    For example if we need to add a new field to an existing file, we have to first define the new field in Model A, then move on to Model B & make sure the field details in B matches the one from A (ie: by manually eyeballing and setting the field GEN name, etc), then move on to Model C (and again manually eyeballing & setting C’s detail as A’s), and so on.


    Likewise, whenever we define a new file in Model A, we then have to manually set the record format of the PHY/UPD/RTV/RSQ and NF/EX message IDs in Model B, C, D, so on to match A’s.


    As you see, there is possibility of human overlook in the manual eyeballing/synching-up the values in the different models.  It will be extremely helpful if there are new features to aid DB maintenance for multiple models.  For example, maybe some utility where we just have to define a new field or file once, and then be able to push into multiple different models with all the details synched up (ex: GEN name, record format, message IDs, etc).