Log Entry Display - ability to save compound filters for ease of viewing specific types of Activity Log entries

Idea created by AlexisOsborne on Dec 23, 2015
    Not planned
    • andholmes
    • AlexisOsborne

    We heavily use Activity Log entries.   For the sake of an example let's say they primarily fall into two types:  

    1. Audit of field updates

    2. Activity/thread updates to the ticket

    Our end users are primarily concerned with seeing the thread updates which can be in one of several activity log types:  Log Comment, Private Description, Customer Entry

    Our support staff are primarily concerned with Field Updates and custom log entry types made by automations.


    Each user type would find it very helpful to be able to easily filter specific groups of log entries into a single view of entries, concatenated together chronologically.   

    Provide ability for admins to pre-define the Log Entry Search filters and make the filters available in the Show Filter display.


    Bonus:   Ideally this filtered result would be a pop up window that would provide the entries and details in a fixed table showing who made the entry, when it was made, the entry type and the text.    This pop up could be extracted/copied into a document or email.