Completely overhaul REXX on Netmaster

Idea created by jeff.beechgarwood on Mar 22, 2016
    Not planned
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    Some time ago I posted an idea that customers be allowed to code in OML Allow customers to code in OML . I learnt from the recent conference that this idea hasn't gone down well. OK then, here's a better idea. Given that NCL is being allowed to decompose, please do a really good job of implementing REXX in Netmaster. Perhaps use OPS/MVS REXX. Enable the REXX to do everything that OML can do. REXX is a popular language and will enhance the usability of Netmaster and people will be more inclined to develop for it (nobody wants to learn NCL or OML).


    Here's another idea. Perhaps a conversion program to convert code from NCL to (This wonderful new ) REXX might be worth considering.


    Thankyou for considering this.