Logfile Configuration

Idea created by xhystos on Apr 1, 2016

    The idea is about having more than a couple hours of meaningful logs on the NAC and NES boxes, to be able to track a problem to its origin. When  you have to provide logs for a case, it's very useful to have logs as detailed as possible, but then you don't have the necessary historical logs that go back to when to problem actually occured. I know I could go hack some config file in some directory to modify the default logfile configuration, but this is not very user-friendly. What I want to see is an easy way to configure the logs, to be able to say I want debugging level on those, but only info level on these others. I think the default logfile configuration is not really suited to larger environments. The default is much too verbose, and the log rotation happens much too quickly, so that it's not possible to find out when some problem started. Ideally, I want to see something like the following (which is a screenshot from another tool I am working with):



    Logfile size should also be configurable.