High Available Database (Postgres) for Introscope

Idea created by prakash.panchatcharam on May 10, 2016

    APM 10.x brings in Team Center with perspectives which improves Triaging, however it also makes the database critical than before for Introscope-only Operations. The maps are built dynamically based on the application transactions and the various perspectives present maps in a sensible view based on owner/application/location,etc , these perspectives require the application users to supply one time input such as Owner, Location, region for each of the application groups to aid traiging with the user perspectives.


    These user defined parameters are stored under the APM database, therefore in the event of losing the database due to unexpected failure or corrupted database files affects the user perspectives & Triaging.


    Ideally this requires Introscope to use an high-available Postgres solution, the only supported high available database solution is using Oracle (RAC) which will add the implementation/operational costs for Introscope Only environment while postgres offers high available solution too but its the matter of time CA to engineer/test Postgres with high available solution for its use.