Remember Content Search Filters

Idea created by Kyle_R Employee on Jun 7, 2016
    • Yanna
    • RicardoBernardino
    • Kyle_R
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    • RGBogan

    I would like it if there was an option for my Content Search Filters to be "remembered."


    For example, a common Search that I do when coming into a Space is:


    • Go to "Content" tab, which defaults to "All Content."
    • Change "Sort by latest activity: newest first" to "Sort by date created: newest first."


    This way, I can quickly see everything that has been recently created in that space.


    Sort default order.png


    Now, I could bookmark this location as a workaround to always bring up my preferred sort eg:



    But as I visit a few Communities, that isn't ideal.


    Thanks, Kyle_R.