Highly Configurable Advanced Authentication's AFM

Idea created by Lakshmikanth Mundlapati Employee on Jun 11, 2016



    Existing Adv Auth's AFM architecture was dated back in 2000 and it has many limitations that forces to build new PWP for every Adv Auth implementation.


    How To Implement:

    1. Move away from the existing standard controller (jsp) architecture.
    2. Modularize AA use cases (Enrollment, Stepup Auth, Primary Auth and Risk).
    3. Prioritize and build those modules via configuration both at component and application level.
    4. Leverage frameworks (Spring etc.,)/ tools (Maven etc.,) to modularize and build.



    1. Less time to integrate with Adv Auth. Typically, building PWP (AFM) takes around 4 to 5 weeks.
    2. Zero or minimal GD cost (GD Support) to the customer.
    3. Results in increase in Adv Auth Sales.
    4. Third party integrations will be faster and efficient.
    5. Cut number of resources in half (by 50%) per Adv Auth implementation resulting in efficient communication among the team.



    1. Engineering Resource availability.
    2. Learning new frameworks/ tools to develop highly configurable AFM.