WOBTRIG EVENT– command to reload failed event

Idea created by Sal.Costanzo on Nov 21, 2016
    Under review

    When a WOBTRIG goes to a failed state, need a simple command for Operators to be able to issue to reload the event.  The command should also be able to be issued from the console, so that automation can issue the command to reload the event.


    Here is an example of what the WOBTRIG EVENT failure looks like:



    SEND 'FILETRIGGER ON EVENT ' USER(sal1)                                    

    INVOKE 'PP1.ESP.ESPPROC.AUTO.TEST(XSCMARKP)'                                  

    WOBTRIG FILE_TRIGGER Agent(OJRESPW01) -                                        

            FileName('\\server01\data$\5\Outage_Files\Production\abc*') CREATE User(myuserid) State(Failed) -            

            Status('Scan Failed') -                                                

            LStatus('The \\server01\data$\5\Outage_Files\Production does not exist or not a directory')                          


    When we get the above failure we need to EDIT above and delete everything starting with STATE(FAILED).  


    Having to EDIT the EVENT in order to reload it is not very efficient.  It also allows for TYPOs to be introduced that can break a ‘working’ WOBTRIG event.

    Since AUTOMATION can see the message that the WOBTRIG EVENT has failed, we would be able to kick off a process that RELOADS the WOBTRIG.

    On the ISPF EVENT panels, add a LETTER that can be used to RELOAD.