Increase CA IDM Webservices (TEWS) task exposure - SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION

Idea created by nlevine on Nov 29, 2016
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    • nlevine

    Hello -


    We would like to see an increase in overall webservices exposure of IDM, specifically regarding the CA IDM task "Out of Office Assistant".  Currently, the lack of full exposure of this task in TEWS is inhibiting our ability to meet a client requirement. CA Support has confirmed that Out of Office is not fully exposed at this time. 


    Please find additional details below.


    Additional details:


    Description & Error Message: We have a requirement to submit Out of Office tasks via the TEWS web service.  We have found that while TEWS does allow us to designate a user for Out of Office and submit the task, it does not currently expose services to Edit the Out of Office details, such as Start Date, End Date Checkbox, and End Date. Please let us know how we can expose the in-built edit feature of CA IDM in the TEWS web service.


    For your reference, we will attach a screenshot of the SOAP messages for OutOfOffice, OutOfOfficeQuery, and OutOfOffice-Tab-DelegationSearch.



    If you require any clarification or additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will provide it.


    Thank you