Support for Micro Focus 3270 emulator - InfoConnect V16 Reflections

Idea created by Steve_Holton Employee on Mar 10, 2017
    • SteveSolomon
    • Steve_Holton
    • AndyHebert

    Currently Gen's certified third party 3270 emulators for Gen r8.5 and r8.6 include:
    Attachmate EXTRA! 9.2 SP1
    IBM Personal Communications for Windows V6

    Rumba Office Mainframe Display Version 8.3


    Micro Focus owns Attachmate Extra! 9.2 SP1 and this product is going End-of-Support soon.  Micro Focus is directing its customers to use its InfoConnect V16 Reflections product. Customer would like Gen to certify Micro Focus's InfoConnect V16 Reflections product as a 3270 emulator option for seamless uploads and downloads of models to/from the Gen Host Encyclopedia.


    In this case, the customer's only emulator choice available agency wide for GEN is the agency standard emulator of InfoConnect V16 Reflections product.