New Support Portal CA Gen Product Lists

Idea created by gary.donoghue on Sep 26, 2017
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    Hi All,


    I've raised this with support and have been advised to put this issue into the ideas forum for comment and development. Essentially the issue is that the new support portal requires you to enter, when creating a new case, a specific drop-down item from the product list entry field and, although it is apparently free format, if an item from the list is NOT chosen the following, misleading, error results...


    'We're sorry, this service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. If you need to open a case immediately please contact Customer Support.'


    I have asked it be made clearer that the error relates to the incorrect selection of an 'invalid' product list for CA Gen to avoid confusion OR to only allow a valid product to be selected but, in addition, have requested the present product list entry field contain more than the 4 CA Gen 'products' currently available:


    Build Tool

    Host Encyclopaedia

    Runtime Distributed

    Workstation Toolset


    This does not provide enough granularity for CA Gen and, in fact, misses some products entirely. I am suggesting the current list be at least changed to the following:



    Toolset Generators

    Toolset Plug-ins

    Build Tool

    HE (would include HE Version control and panel based functionality, batch jobs etc.)

    HE Generators

    CSE Clients and Servers

    CSE Generators

    Runtime GUI

    Runtime Java

    Runtime Webview

    Runtime Server 

    Runtime z/OS (Common, MQ, CICS, IMS, etc.)

    Gen Studio

    Web Service Access

    Comms Middleware (IP Direct Connect, comms bridge, client manager etc.)


    Feel free to add/amend as you see fit but I feel we ought to improve the present CA Gen product list available and ask CA to update a finalised/agreed list in due course.