RSP support for Ubuntu 16

Idea created by aln1976 on Dec 22, 2017
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      RSP probe does not support monitoring of Ubuntu Servers, but i tried to make it work with the help of Communities and it some how worked.

    RSP does the below command and if it does not work, then RSP fails to classify Linux kernel version (For example, 2.6) so discovery fails.

      /bin/uname -s -v -r -m.


    I tried the command in the Ubunutu 16 versiob server and it worked, then the following was done discover the server and ti was sucessful


    RSP discovery (OS classification) walk the below lua through.




    In the lua there is no if clause for "4.4", so its reason discovery fails.


    The discovery may success when you enhance the OS.lua like this.


    elseif left(Revision,3) == "3.1" then
    OS = "LINUX_3.1"
    OS_version = "3.1"

    elseif left(Revision,3) == "4.4" then
    OS = "LINUX_4.4"
    OS_version = "4.4"



    Can some one validate the same and confirm from CA.